disease & pest management

Calcium, nitrogen and boron are the major nutrient that affect fruit cracking. Weekend skin may rupture when expose to direct sunlight. Due to mechanical injury, insect and pest damages also cause crack the skin. Low humidity during fruit development has been associated with watermelon fruit cracking. When soil temperature goes below 16°C along with low RH and combination of these two factors promote severe radial cracking on the fruit. Deficiencies in Ca, and B may lead to the development of cracks, while N would aggravate the disorder in watermelon. Cracking was very much less where the plants were in grass / receiving potash in soil.

Honey bees and bumble bee are the pollinating agent, it is recommended that 4 beehives / acre of watermelon field is must to get good fruit yield. Avoid pesticides and fungicide during morning hours, when bees are actively roaming in the watermelon field .