Grapes Crop Management and Diagnosis

Disease management

The most dreadful diseases affecting grape are:

1) Downy mildew

2) Powdery mildew

3) Anthracnose

4) Rust

Powdery Mildew :  Caused by Uncinula necator


•  Dry winter and cloudy weather favours the development of this disease, mostly during December and February.

•  Whitish grey patches on leaves, tendrils, and young shoots, berries become visible.

•  When young berries are affected, they become rusty, hard, mummified and crack. Affected berries do not ripe properly.

powdery mild dew    

 powdery mildew fruits

control measures

Spraying of wettable sulphur (0.2%), systemic fungicides like Bayleton or Systhane (0.1%) or Rubigon or Topaz (0.05%) at 10-20 days intervals are more effective.