Grapes Crop Management and Diagnosis


Dogridge is the best rootstock for drought & salinity conditions. Bud dormancy during October pruning can be overcome by the use of Hydrogen Cynamide swabbing to the terminal three buds.

Package of practices for growing Sharad Seedless and Flame Seedless under ‘Y’ trellis system were standardized.  Application of GA (25 ppm) and BA (10 ppm) as post bloom dipping at 4 mm berry stage and GA (25 ppm) at 8 mm berry stage ensures desired berry size and quality in seedless grape varieties.

Halting of canes to 4th and 5th node and developing single sub-cane per cane recommended for good quality bunch and fruit attributes in Flame Seedless and Sharad Seedless.  Spraying CCC 1000-1500 ppm during back pruning for enhancement of fruit bud differentiation.

Water requirement for Thompson Seedless grapes 

After Foundation pruning 


After Forward pruning 


Note: No irrigation required if the soil moisture in the root zone is more than field capacity