Grapes Crop Management and Diagnosis

Pest management

Some important pests, which commonly infest grapes and their control measures, are:

Flea beetle

Grape mealy bug



Flea beetle : (Scelodonta strigicolhis Motschulsky)


    This pest will appear immediately after pruning and the newly sprouted buds are damaged.

    Leaves are defoliated with a characteristic slit cuts.


control measures

Spraying of Quinolphos 0.06% or Carbaryl WP 0.2% four days after pruning is done to control the pest. Spraying of neem cake extract (4%) is also useful. Imdiacloprid 17.8 SL @ 0.3-0.4 ml / L or Lamda cyhalothirn 5 CS @ 0.5 ml/L or fipronil 80 WG @ 0.06 g/L water can also give effective control against flea beetles.