Varieties: French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is one of the most important legume vegetables grown for its tender green pods for both fresh consumption and processing. Depending on the variety, the pods can be green, yellow, red or purple.It is used as a vegetable and also consumed as dried beans or in the fresh state as green beans.  It is introduced to India during the 17th century From Europe. It has high nutritive value. It is a low cost protein food. Dry beans are often consumed as dried cooked seeds. The important high yielding varieties of french bean released at IIHR, Bengaluru are given below with its characteristics:

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    Arka Arjun

    Plants bushy, vigorous and photo-insensitive. Pods are green, stringless with smooth surface. Suitable for both rabi and summer. Resistant to MYMV disease.

    Pod yield: 17t/ha in 70 days


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    Arka Anoop

    (Arka Bold x Arka Komal): Plants bushy, photo-insensitive. Resistance to both rust and bacterial blight. Pods long, flat and straight.

    Pod Yield: 20 t/ha in 70-75 days.


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    Arka Bold

    Plants bushy and Photo insensitive. Pods flat string less, fleshy, crisp, extra large (16cm) and medium long. Resistant to rust. Yield potential of 15 t/ha Duration of 70 days


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    Arka Komal

    Plants bushy, photo-insensitive. Resistance to both rust and bacterial blight. Pods long, flat and straight

    Pod Yield: 20 t/ha in 70-75 days.

  • Arka Sharath

    It has round, string less, smooth pods suitable for steamed beans. Pods are crisp, fleshy with no parchment and perfectly round on cross section. Plants are bushy and photo insensitive and it is suitable for both kharif and rabii seasons.

    It gives maximum number of pods per plant (44.5) compared to checks. It has high pod yield potential of 18.5 t/ha in 70 days.

  • Arka Suvidha

    Pedigree selection from the cross Blue Crop x Contender. Resistant to rust Plants bushy and photo insensitive. Pods straight, oval, light green, fleshy, stringless and crisp. Duration 70 days.

    Pod Yield: 19 t/ha.

  • Arka Sukomal (New release)

    High yielding rust resistant pole bean variety. Plants are indeterminate which grow more than 2.0m in height. Variety takes 60 days for first harvest. Pods stringless, oval, green and long (23 cm). Ten pod weight: 87 g. Suitable for both kharif & rabi seasons

    Pod Yield: 24 t/ha in 100 days.