Precision farming in french bean

1.    Precision Farming in French Beans and  Pole beans



Arka Anoop, Arka Suvidha, Arka Komal and popular commercial varieties.

Soil type


Well drained fertile soils  with a pH range of 6.0 to 70.



July-Aug, Oct- Nov

See requirement


15-20 kg depending on seed size. For pole bean 4kg/acre.

Land preparation



Raised bed method: 10-15cm height,60 cm width, convenient length,45cm inter-bed spacing.

For Pole bean: 105cm width, 45cm inter-bed spacing.

FYM application


Apply 10 tonnes of enriched FYM.

Neem cake application


Apply neem cake @ 250kg.

Fertilizer Dose


20:30:20 kg. For pole bean:30-40-30 kg N:P:K.

Basal fertilizer application


Apply 5-8-5 kg N:P:K (25 kg Ammonium sulphate + 50 kg Mono ammonium phosphate + 10 kg Muriate of potash). Mix well and level the beds properly.

Laying of drip line


Place one  in-line drip lateral at the center of the bed for which 3800 meter length of lateral pipe is required. For pole bean 2660m is sufficient.

Polyethylene mulching


3800 meter length of mulch film of 1.0m width and 30micron thickness is required (105kg). For pole bean 2660m is sufficient (90kg).

Spacing,  plant population


Two rows per bed. Make holes of 5cm diameter at a distance of 40cm between rows and 15 cm within the crop row.  The plant density is 50800 one acre. Dibble seeds exactly at the centre of the hole to avoid the emerging seedlings touching the mulch film.

Pole bean: 75cm between rows and 30cm between seeds in a row. The plant density is 18000/acre.



Run the drip irrigation daily for a duration of 20 to 40 minutes depending on the crop stage, season and emitter discharge.



Schedule fertigation once in 3 days starting from 15 days and ending at 66 days after sowing for a 2½  month duration crop, thus requiring 18 fertigations. 

Pole bean: continue up to 87 days after sowing for a 3½  month crop, thus requiring 25 fertigations.

Water soluble Fertilizers for fertigation


0-14 days: No fertigation.

15-30 days: 2.0kg 19-19-19 /fertigation (6 fertigations)

33-45 days: 3.0 kg 19-19-19 +1.0 kg KNO3 + 2.0 kg  Mono Ammonium Phospate/fertigations (5 fertigations)

48-66 days: 4.0 kg 19-19-19 + 1.0 kg KNO3+ 1.5 kg Mono Ammonium Phosphate/fertigation  (7 fertigations)

(55 kg 19-all+12 kg KNO3+ 20 kg MAP for bush bean).

Pole bean: continue fertigation upto 87 days after sowing (14 fertigations) (83 kg 19-all+19 kg KNO3+ 31 kg MAP).

Foliar nutrition


Give foliar sprays @5g/litre using foliar spray grade fertilizers containing Ca,Mg, Fe, Mn, B, Cu, Zn three times at 45, 60 and 75 days days after sowing.

Neem cake application


Apply neem cake @ 250kg/acre to the beds treated with bio-agents. Note: This may affect germination

Insect Pest management

Stem fly


Avoid planting in May-June when the incidence is generally high. If stem fly adults are observed on the plants immediately after germination, spray PNSPE (40 g/l)  or Neem soap/ pongamia  soap (10 g/l)  at 7, 10 and 15 days after sowing. Otherwise give only two sprays at 10 and 15 days after sowing. If there is any good rain fall during this period then these botanicals will be washed off. Hence, spray  Quinalphos 25 EC (1.5 ml/l) for the management of stem fly in beans at 10 and 15 days after sowing.. 



Spray PNSPE (4%) o r neem/ pongamia soap ( 8-10g/l) after flowering, if required give sprays at 10 days interval

Leaf hopper


This pest is serious during North East monsoon period. Hence, during this period sprays of  PNSPE (40 g/l) or Neem soap (10 g/l) at 7-10 days interval according to pest infestation.

Disease management

Root rot complex


Seed treatment with Carbendazim (2.0 g/kg)



Rust resistant varieties like Arka Anoop



Spray Triademefan (1.0g/l) or Propiconazole (0.5 ml/l) or Bitertinol (1.0 g/l)

Powdery Mildew


Spray Triademefan (1.0g/l) or Propiconazole (0.5 ml/l) or Bitertinol (1.0 g/l).

Angular leaf spot


Spray Carbendazim (1.0 g/l) or Tricyclozole (0.6g/l)

Common blight of bean


Bordeaux mixture or Copper Hydroxide or  Copper oxychloride (0.3 g/l)

Bean golden mosaic


Vector Management



Spray Imidacloprid 200S L (0.3ml/l) or Thiomethoxom 25 WP (0.3g/l) in nursery after 15 days of sowing and after 15 days of planting in main field

Bean common Mosaic


Spray Imidacloprid 200S L (0.3 ml/l) or Thiomethoxom 25 WP (0.3 g/l) in nursery after 15 days of sowing and after 15 days of planting in main field



For pole beans: Plants have to be supported with wooden poles (Inverted ‘V’ shape, GI/plastic wire and gunny twine.

Harvesting and yield


Harvesting starts after 45 DAS. Yield: About 10 tonnes in bush beans and 15 tonnes in pole beans.