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It is a small deciduous tree attaining 2 to 6 m in height having oblong or ovate leaves with a shining surface.  The production of this fruit has attracted several growers for its low cultivation cost, drought tolerance and export potential.


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Farmers can utilize the services by posting queries through e-mails, telephones on scientific practices and make pomegranate cultivation profitable.

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In India, although several well recognized commercial varieties of pomegranate are available, Bhagwa and Ganesh are highly preferred varieties.  In recent years almost all the new orchards are with Bhagwa variety due to   bigger fruit size, sweet, bold and attractive arils, glossy, very attractive saffron colored thick skin, with better keeping quality thus making it suitable for distant markets. This variety was found less susceptible to fruit spots and thrips as compared to other varieties of pomegranate. ‘Bhagawa’ variety of pomegranate is heavy yielder (30 to 35 kg fruits/tree) and possesses desirable fruit characters and matures in 180-190 days.  Ganesh is a popular variety of Maharashtra. It possesses pink flesh, soft seeds and is sweet with agreeable taste and medium sized fruits. It is also a good cropping variety.











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