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It is a small deciduous tree attaining 2 to 6 m in height having oblong or ovate leaves with a shining surface.  The production of this fruit has attracted several growers for its low cultivation cost, drought tolerance and export potential.


Farmers Help Desk


Farmers can utilize the services by posting queries through e-mails, telephones on scientific practices and make pomegranate cultivation profitable.

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Pest Management & Diagnosis!

Pomegranate aphid, Aphis punicae Shinji


Symptoms :

Sap sucking by aphids lead to shriveling of shoots.  If serious, honey-dew accumulates on leaves and sooty mold develops affecting photosynthesis.


  • Control:
    •  Spary dimethoate 2ml/litre or imidacloprid 0.3ml/litre or acetamiprid 0.3g/litre as new shoots emerge. If predators like syrphids and coccinellids are found, delay spraying and in some cases, natural enemies sufficiently suppress the aphids


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