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Brinjal Cultivation : : Spacing & Transplanting


Spacing : The planting distance depends upon the soil fertility, growing season and cultivar. Usually, 75 x 60 and 90 x 90 cm distance between rows and plants is given to vigorous growing, round and high yielding cultivars; 45 x 45 cm to early and dwarf type and 60 x 45 cm to semi-vigorous or mid season. For open pollinated varieties a spacing of 90cm x 50 cm between the rows and between the plants respectively is being followed. This will again depend upon the fertility of the soil. In case of F1 hybrids the common spacing followed is 90 x 60 cm / 100cm x 60cm (in south Indian conditions).

Transplanting :

Prepare the land to a tilth : The preparation of land depends upon the type of soils the previous crop of the land. As the crop remains in the field for a number of months, soil should, therefore, be thoroughly prepared by being ploughed 4 to 5 times before transplanting the seedlings. Bulky organic manures like well rotten cow dung manure or well-decomposed farmyard manure (FYM) (25t/ha) should be applied and incorporated well into the soil during last ploughing. The soil in the field is brought to fine tilth and the entire quantity (25t/ha) of FYM is incorporated.  25kg or Carbofuran per hectare along with recommended dose of fertilizers per hectare and 250 to 500 kg of  oiled Neem cake are then applied to control the mylocerous root grubs and to some extent the shoot and fruit borer. The seedling will be ready for transplanting when they attain a 15cm height or with 4 leaves in 4 to 6 weeks time. Transplanting can be done either in flat bed or in ridges and furrows. Ridges and furrows are at 40-60cm (40cm furrow and 60cm ridges) depending upon the fertility of the soil. A few days before transplanting, the land is either with plough or with a marker designed for the purpose depending upon the spacing followed, usually 1.0m X 50 for hybrids and 90 cm x 50 cm. for open pollinated varieties. Brinjal seedlings are transplanted when the seedlings are 4-6 weeks old or at 3-4 leaf stage.  Ridges and furrows are prepared at 60 to 40 cm distance depending upon the fertility of the soil. Irrigate one day before planting. The field is irrigated lightly, holes at appropriate spacing as mentioned above are made and seedlings are planted on sides of ridges with one seedling per   hill.  Irrigation is done after planting and once in 4-5 days thereafter (in south Indian Conditions).


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