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Brinjal Cultivation : : Irrigation


Irrigation : High yields of brinjal are obtained under optimum moisture conditions. Timely irrigation is essential for good fruit set and its development. Drip irrigation is beneficial for reducing water use and weed control. It is recommended to irrigate brinjal after every 3rd and 4th day during summer season and after 12-15 days during winter season. Irrigation is given according to local need taking into consideration soil type, stage of crop growth and weather condition. Drip system of irrigation effectively reduces the water use, controls the weeds and increases the yield. With drip system and white polythene mulching, irrigation requirements reduced by 29% and yield increased by 18%. The water use efficiency increased by 66% than the open plot. Trickle irrigation in brinjal requires 6000 cm3 / ha water compared with 11000 cm3 in furrow system.

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