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Brinjal Cultivation : : Harvesting and Yield


Harvesting : The fruit are harvested when fruits are  tender before they  fully matures and  having  a good size and  shine/glossy  colour.  The yield varies with cultivars, the region and management practices etc. However, the average yield for open pollinated varieties is about 35-40t/ha whereas for F1 hybrids it is 60-65/ha. Usually, the fruits are packed in baskets for the markets. The Indian Standards Institution has been recommended three grades of brinjal, viz;  Super, Fancy and Commercial.

 :  Brinjal fruits are harvested for the market when they have developed to a normal size, have good colour, are immature, tender and have not lost culinary qualities. Frequency of harvesting depends on the size of fruit. Small-sized fruits are harvested more frequently than bigger or heavy fruits. When fruits look dull, it is an indication of over maturity and loss of quality. Pressing the thumb against the side of the fruit can test the maturity of the fruit. If the pressed portion springs back to its original shape, the fruit is too immature, and the average yield varies about 35-45 t/ha for open pollinated varieties while for hybrids the average yield will be 65-75 t/ha. Brinjal fruits can be stored for 1-2 days in summer and 3-4 days in winter season provided they are kept under shade.

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