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Brinjal Cultivation : : Crop rotation


Crop rotation: Rotating Brinjal with non- solanaceous vegetable crops like cucurbits, legumes will reduce the insect and disease incidence

Cropping System

Brinjal (July-Dec) Turnip (Dec.-Feb.) Cowpea (March-July)

Brinjal (July-Nov.) OnionGreen(Dec.-Feb.) Tinda  (Feb-June)

Cabbage (Oct-Jan) Brinjal (Feb.-June) Radish (June-Sept.)

Cowpea (March-June)  Brinjal (July-Dec.) Radish (Jan-March)

Cauliflower (Nov. –Feb.) Brinjal (March – June) Cowpea (July – Oct.)

Pea (Oct.-Jan.)  Brinjal (March – June)  Okra (July-Oct)


Brinjal + Carrot; Brinjal + Radish; Brinjal + Turnip;

Brinjal + Cauliflower; Brinjal + Cabbage; Brinjal +Capsicum;

Brinjal + Coriander; Brinjal + Spinach; Brinjal + Amaranthus

Seed rate, Nursery Management

pacing & transplanting

Manures, Fertilizsers, weeding


Crop rotation

Growth regulators & Pinching


Harvesting & Yield