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To Innovators

Innovation is the fundamental step in the process of entrepreneurship development that imparts new dimension to business development. An innovative idea, can begin with the process of planning, execution, technology, marketing and or engagement - that impact a new dimension towards better revenue realization. SHZTM & BPD values innovation and honours the innovator by safeguarding their innovations using government approved and industry recognised instruments; help innovator back up his innovation through scientifically proven methods and help commercialize by brokering win-win deals between innovator and customers, thus reaping good benefit for our clients.

Our services to innovators include, Patent search, Patent Filing and Grant facilitation, Patent protection and commercialization. Our clients are research innovators, entrepreneurs, Industry stakeholders and we are strongly linked with Govt. of India in same perspective. We shall provide professional support in protection and commercialisation of your IPR in Horticulture. We look forward to deliver the best solutions and make Innovations the new backbone of Indian Horticulture Scenario.

To the Industry

South Zonal Technology Management & Business Planning and Development Unit, at IIHR, caters to Horticulture & allied sectors and treats all the industry partners in this sector as its primary clientele. SZHTM & BPD unit is a bridge between the innovator and Industry of a new technology or business concept that links the concept with the intended customer or consumer. We take special care and facilitate the industry players who want to conduct research or undertake a study or want help in any kind of specific requirements related to an innovative step in horticulture based businesses, with focus to benefit the farming community as well as consumers.

As a premier research institution, IIHR has established strong industry linkages across India through our dedicated research for over decades, and hope to continue the trend in the future as well. Our research facilities are considered the best in India and have been recognised world over for their contributions to the scientific processes and performance.

We wish to stretch our supporting arm to you, irrespective of your status as a small company or Big, in need of a new product or wish to enhance an existing one, you are wishing to start your own Horticulture firm in any related domain or anything you wish to do in Horticulture, be assured, you have reached the right place!!! If you visit our unit.

 We at the SZHTM-BPD strive to engage our clients with the best production and development practices, and make sure our clients are delightfully satisfied with our performance.

To The Enterpreneurs

Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs are the primary focal points of SZHTM & BPD, IIHR. Our team aims to impart the best of our resources to offer specialised tailor made service to entrepreneurs who approach us, from the start till the end. Our team help the entrepreneurs realize the true potential of their ideas by supporting it with market driven approach from conceptualization, validation, pilot testing, soft launch and commercial operation. Our market linkage model of enterprise development has proven success in up scaling production and breakeven production within a year. We encourage all stakeholders of Horti- business, starting from farmers, farmer producer companies, SHGs, women & youth organization and or corporates to start their entrepreneurial journey in Horticulture and allied fields. The strength of the unit stems from its well established Research & Development system within ICAR. It is clubbed with new visionary Agribusiness incubation approach, with strong hand-holding of new or established entrepreneurs.

Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur with an innovative idea that could change the way Horti business is done?  Please contact us!! we are here to hear from you!!!


Entrepreneurship Development Program

Incubating clients for a period of one year after Hands on training and acts as a one stop shop for all solutions

Approach for Incubation

Indian Institute of Horticulture Research commercializes institute technologies under five theme areas namely
a. Seed and Planting Materials
b. Plant Health Management
c. Post Harvest Technology
d. Biotechnology
e. Farm Machinery and Implements

The Horticultural Technology Management and Business Planning and Development Unit, categorized, its incubation model via three approaches

  • Onsite Incubation
    1. Technology Transfer Approach
      • Where technology transfer, onsite production and up scaling of institute technology takes place
  • Offsite Incubation
    1. Value chain approach
      • Providing solution from Farm to Fork
    2. Horticultural Research Commercialization Approach
      • Commercializing institute technology at clients location
  • Specialized Incubation
    1. Field Trails
      • Testing the product/materials at institute
    2. New Product development/enhancement
      • Developing a new product to enhance the production and productivity of horticultural crops through research collaboration
    3. IP Services
      • Prior art search, Patent drafting and filling for new technologies



Value proposition: Providing access to business-ready innovative technologies and processes for Horticulture -based businesses

Technology: Technology Information, Access & Training

Infrastructure: Access to Office, Production, Storage & Lab space

Business Development Services: Navigating regulatory Requirements, Standards and Compliance. Technical advice on Packing, Product / Process / Human Resources development & Management

Facilitate Marketing Assistance: Help Market through ATIC (if it’s in demand), Promotion through trade fairs, exhibition and Industry meet.

Facilitate Finance: Bankable proposal / Angel Investors, Finance Management Skills


Value Proposition: Facilitates the transfer of technology from the institute to new enterprises

Technology: Technology Information, Access & Training

Business Development Services: Navigating regulatory Requirements, Standards and Compliance. Product / Process / Human Resources development & Management

Facilitate Marketing Assistance: Promotion through trade fairs, exhibition and Industry meet.

Facilitate Finance: Bankable proposal / Angel Investors, Finance Management Skills


Value proposition: Provides consultancy and collaboration opportunity through/with the institute

Research Collaboration: Concept Testing, New product development, Product enhancement

Paid up trails: New product testing

Consultancy: Farming, Need based consultancy

IPR Services: Patent Search, Patent filling 


The Business Planning and Development unit at IIHR also houses a Patent facilitation service which facilitates and offers the following services to Scientists of IIHR and clients of NAIP-IIHR Business planning and Development unit:

  •  Providing patent search facilities and preparation of patent search reports.

  • Providing end to end support in drafting and filing of Patents through empanelled Patent Agents.

  • Providing information on status of patents.

  • Facilitating in creating awareness and providing information and knowledge to clients & scientists on important issues and guidelines of IPR

  • Organizing workshops, seminars, conferences etc., on Intellectual Property Rights and related matters.

  • Networking with other BPDs, NAIP-PIU, IP&TM & Agriinnovate India Pvt Ltd for extending and participating in various IP related services/activities.

The HTM BPD has so far successfully facilitated filing of one provisional patent application for its client M/s Natural Remedies and another six provisional/complete patent applications and two trademarks are at different stages of drafting and filing. The centre has also facilitated in providing patent search facilities and preparation of patent search reports to around 8 scientists and clients of IIHR.