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South Horticulture Zonal Technology Management - Business planning and Development (SHZTM –BPD) Unit located at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), Bengaluru is a facility of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) created through the World Bank funded National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) to commercialize technologies of IIHR, represent and help the horticultural technology management units across 11 other horticultural institutions commercialise technologies by non-exclusive licensing, nature Horticulture technology based Startups / Ventures and Horti-business consultancy through incubation.

Technology developed for the benefit of farmers and other stakeholders is said to be successful when it is adopted by large number of growers. This is possible only when the technology product is made available in adequate quantity in good quality. Research institutions which do not have the manpower or financial support for such a mass production, it is only possible through commercial licenses and incubation. SHZTM-BPD focuses on the commercial scale mass production and incubation of horticultural technologies.

SHZTM & BPD unit’s main objective is to impart appropriate IP protection to the innovations, showcase, transfer and commercialize innovations and technologies from the ICAR institutes. SHZTM also houses the Horti Business incubator to Incubate start-ups initiate Horti- businesses.

SHZTM&BPD unit; IIHR, Bengaluru, the lead zonal centre for 11 other ICAR institutes of South Horticultural Zone, strives to be a bridge that links the research community with all the stakeholders of horticulture and business world. It attempts to promote Hortibusiness Ventures through technology development, dissemination and commercialization for everyone from a corporate to an individual farmer.



"increased visibility and prosperity through wider adoption by technology commercialization"



  • Identify innovations with the potential for commercial application & facilitate technology innovations & protection processes.
    • Facilitate business process development & assess market potential for institutes technologies
    • Facilitate the process of technology up scaling & incubation till take off.
    • IP protection of innovations.
    • Commercialization of technologies to Horti Industry.
    • Collaboration with Industry through consultancies, contract research, contract service etc. promoting effective Public Private Partnership mode.
    • Providing Incubation support to Horti-preneurs.
    • Capacity building for enthusiastic Horti-preneurs; research scholars, teachers and trainers.
    • Networking of mentors, resource persons, service providers, Horti professionals, Hortiprenuers and scientific community.



• Technology commercialisation through incubation for horticultural production systems
• Enterprise and Entrepreneurship development in horticultural production systems
• Capacity building and imparting consultancy skills for horticultural crop based entrepreneurs.


Ours is a team of specialised and experienced researchers with passion for horticulture representing every field of Horticulture from breeding till marketing. Our Team is equipped to provide Innovative Horticultural Technologies/ Products to all the stakeholders including Industry and  individual. It is ably supported by Research assistants ( Kavitha Mahesh & Kumar) ; Senior Research Fellows ( Mary Philomina & Kanchanashri); office assistant & supporting staff (Shyam kumar & Pradeep)